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Medical Face Mask Solutions

Our products guarantee protection to surgical patients as well as medical personnel. Extensive testing has shown compliance with medical device tests and guidelines, while our superior product quality ensures optimal comfort even during long periods of use. We offer a range of inner and outer layers for face masks, available in different colors from 15 to 19 g/m² basis weights.

Why Choose 足彩外围网站 Medical Face Masks?

  • Smooth and absorbent inner layer for best comfort
  • Splash-resistant outer layer for best protection
  • Higher yield through low basis weight

Skin Irritation & Sensitization

Our fabrics show no irritation effects when tested for irritation and sensitization according to part 10 of the ISO 10993 standard.


Our fabrics also show no cytotoxic effects using the MEM Elution test in compliance with the requirements of the United States Pharmacopea National Formulary.

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Our Customer Service Will Help You Succeed

Get personal attention from people who understand your business. We’ll help you manage your inventory, customize storage solutions and answer questions about our products.

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